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The Bemm River Fishing Report is updated regularly.  The bream fishing has been good with some good catches but it can be variable. Go to the Bemm River Fishing Report for full details.  


For Bemm River accommodation information go to the Bemm Accommodation Page.  Remember that petrol is not available at Bemm River and should be purchased from Orbost or Cann River before you arrive in town.  You need enough petrol to travel 150 km in the tank before you leave Orbost or Cann River.  



The Bemm is famous for bream fishing and anglers travel from near and far for a chance to land a big one.  In more recent times, Bemm River is also becoming famous for the dusky flathead fishing which has been the best in living memory in the past few years.  The Sydenham Inlet closes to the ocean when the sand bar at the mouth builds up in rough weather. The Inlet is opened by blasting only after it rises about 1.6 metres above the normal level.  With the raised car park, there will no longer be flooding of the car park and the landing ramp at the Main Jetty will still be in use. Care should be taken in rough weather.  Back ropes are recommended in rough weather.  Seek advice if it looks like being rough and you are using the Finger Jetty. If it is rough and the wind is from the south or west, do not attempt to cross the inlet in a small boat. Stay at the refuge hut at the mouth of the channel until the weather calms off.  Use your mobile phone to contact your accommodation house. If you do not have a reception on your phone and you are stranded there, phone 000 and notify the water police.  All phone companies will divert to the best reception to get to 000.




The photograph above is of the Bemm River in the section known as Dolly’s Garden


When the Inlet is open to the ocean, the water level in Sydenham Inlet can result in the sand bars being covered by only a few centimeters of water or even becoming exposed.  If the water level is low you may be required to get out and pull your boat across the sand bars in to the river or to Swan Lake Channel.  The Bemm River flows into the inlet east of the town and foot access to the river is limited to 3 areas.


For full details on the weather at Bemm River with radar of any rain clouds, a 10 day forecast including winds, tide information etc, go to The Weather Page


The Township of Bemm River is sited on the edge of Sydenham Inlet and from Luderick Point Park one can enjoy the view.  On the eastern side of the estuary is Croajingalong National Park; to the north is Bemm State Forest and to the west is the Cape Conran Coastal Park.  Bemm River also provides access to some of the best remote beaches you'll visit along the Victorian coastline.  The Ninety Mile Beach finishes just east of Lakes Entrance, around the mouth of Lake Tyers so it is not part of the Ninety Mile Beach.  To go to the beaches at Bemm River, one needs either a boat to go across the inlet to the channel and the beach, or to go down the back road several kilometres to the back beaches.


I spent time at Karumba (go to Karumba Fishing for some photos) and then spent time in the big smoke.  Hopefully I will have more time to spend on this report in the future.   



image012.jpg image014.jpg


A mud map of the area including roads in red. - Luderick Park on the foreshore of Sydenham Inlet showing the barbecue area.



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