Fishing Report for Bemm River and Sydenham Inlet

29 November 2017  

The entrance closed just after Cup weekend and the water has started to rise.  The new ramp has been repaired with an extension of 2 metres made to the length. This appears to have fixed the issue of most boat trailers go off the end.    The main jetty is complete with only some minor modifications still to be undertaken. Go to the Bemm News page for more information.    


There have been large numbers of boats out fishing. The fishing has been good with bream being caught on lures, plastics and bait. In the last week good catches of bream have been taken in the deeper water off Mahoganies with sand worm. Mark is currently pumping bait but I suggest you check with him if you want to fish with sandworm. One local caught a good bag of bream off the river mouth. A few flathead are appearing of the river mouth and can be caught on plastics. Most people seem to be getting a reasonable catch although expect to have had to release many undersized bream.   A regular visitor from the Caravan Park also did well last week using sandworm in the deeper water. The bream are also appearing in the Channel. 


Marg with a good bream caught in the Inlet on bait.

Darren with a prize winning bream caught on a plastic in the Channel.

Daryn with a lovely trevally caught in the Channel.

With the entrance closed we can not expect to see salmon in the channel. This time of year when the entrance is open we would expect to see some salmon and fishing with lures can be great fun.  The flathead which were being caught in the Channel have gone due to the colder water temperatures.  It appears they go up the river to hibernate.  We hope they have managed to spawn this year as the past few years have not resulted in any numbers of small flathead in the inlet. See below for size restrictions and bag limits on dusky flathead.  

In the channel, the trevally are quiet.  The trevally can be fun to catch in the channel on plastics.   See the You Tube videos of of an 8 year old having fun catching a trevally  Click Here and then two Trevally   Click Here.  There are also some taylor being caught trolling in the channel.  However one regular managed to catch a number of good trevally in the surf over near  where the channel entrance has been in recent years.


One fourth generation Bemm River angler was staying at Bemm with his grandparents.   See a Dusky Flathead being caught by him by  Clicking Here.  Also see a bream being caught on plastics by Clicking Here.


Give the shop a call to check on fresh bait availability. (phone 03 5158 4251). You can buy all the bait, lures, vibes and plastics you will need on your trip at Bemm River as well as getting up-to-date advice on where the fish are biting..



Surf Fishing Report


The back beaches have been quieter for salmon.   At the 1st turn off there is a sand cliff caused by the rough weather and it is steep to get back up.   There are good channels at all the beaches to try.  Some good trevally have been near the Channel entrance as discussed above.


The gummy shark should be quieter at the minute but I have had no reports.  Usually it is best to fish on the full moon at night for gummy shark in the warmer weather.  If you are fishing for sharks off the beach, make sure you know what it is before you grab it by the tail.  One  Friday evening on dusk, a group from Gippsland were fishing in the surf and hooked into a 7 ft. 7 gilled shark.  They thought they had a gummy and so one of them went in the surf, grabbed it by the tail and was dragging it up the beach when it snapped onto his lower leg.  The person required over 25 stitches at Orbost Hospital arriving back in Bemm about midnight.  He spent the remainder of the week-end sitting at the flat while his mates went fishing.  


The tides for Bemm River beaches are 3 hours and 21 minutes before Port Phillip heads. The link on the weather page gives the closest approximation using Eden in NSW. You will need to add 10 minutes to these tide times. The link gives a 7 day tide starting from the date you select as the commencing date. If you do not select a date it will start from today.



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