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Updated November 2016

Community Bush Fire Exercise


On Thursday November 3, a Community Bush Fire Exercise was held at the new fire station.  First up was Chris Lewis of the CFA with a  demonstration of fire progress over hilly terrains and with different types of fuels.  It was interesting to see that on a small table how the different slopes and fuels effected the progress of the fire.  People may remember Chris as the manager of the Bemm River Caravan  Park and a member of the local CFA.  A second demonstration showed the us of a powder extinguisher and the use of a fire blanket.   The Local CFA then put on a dinner for all those who attended.  After dinner there was a very interesting talk on the progress of a number of fires including the Lake Tyres fire.  Simulation of the fire showed that the controlled burns reduced the extent of that fire by a considerable amount.  Simulation of a fire starting around the highway with a North Westerly wind showed that it would reach Bemm River and houses on the west of the town would be difficult to protect with the current 40 metre fire break.  With a bigger break of 100 metres (including the road), houses would probably be safe on a High Fire Danger day.  This is yellow on the coloured fire danger rating chart.  With Severe (orange) and Extreme (red) conditions, it was a worse story.  With Code Red days (Catastrophic), embers would be throughout the town with the area around the Hotel being the safest area and the out lying houses on the edge of the town worst effected.  Video was also shown of the Black Saturday Fires from a truck which was in the fire.  There were embers everywhere and the conditions were quite dark due to the smoke.  The  truck collected one fellow on the road who was dressed in shorts and a t shirt.  Not the appropriate clothing to be worn.  


We were also told that the fire station is the meeting or assembly point for any emergency.  A member will be in attendance on days of high fire danger for assistance and information.  People are encouraged to let the CFA know if you are leaving home so people will know your whereabouts.  The Hotel is a good place to go if you cannot leave town.


Hobie Bream Kayak Event at Bemm River 

The Bemm River round of the Bream Kayak event was held on early in 2016.  There were over 100 entries and a majority of them caught their 6 fish - three per day.  This competition is catch and release with a maximum of three live fish to be weighed in by each angler on both Saturday and Sunday.   The winner was Chris Lyons with bags of 2.85 and 2.63 kg over the two days making a total of 5.48 kg.  This is very impressive to average near 1 kg per fish.  The fish are kept alive in an aerated live well in the Kayak and transferred to plastic weigh in bags as in the photo below.  They are then held in an aerated tank, as shown below, until each bag is weighed.  After weighing, the bream are released back into the Inlet.  






New Year at Bemm River

A crowd gathered at the Bemm River Hotel as the evening progressed.  The Youl family had dinner in the Hotel as per usual except they are really here in numbers this year.  David's family  has been coming to Bemm River for many decades.  David was an engineer in Melbourne and had a very successful business which his family continued.  Many of his children, grand children and great grand children gathered at the Hotel.  There would have been a toast to David who had his ashes scattered at Bemm when he passed on.  His wife, Cathy, also passed away a little over a year ago.  Incidentally, the bench seat in Luderick Park was donated by the family and is dedicated to David.  


A number of the accommodation houses have their own New Year's Eve Celebrations and have done so for many years.  At the Hotel, Darren and his guitar was keeping the crowd active with his singing.   Cathy also was up singing and she looked and sounded great.  Sally, Diana, Liz, Lyn , Edith and Margaret and a number of others were up dancing and enjoying themselves.  Barry and Reta were there to keep an eye on proceedings and to drink a little alcohol to celebrate the New Year.   The Kookaburra Calling Competition took place again at the Hotel with Rhonda again out calling Darren.  Darren was the winner 2 years ago but he has not been up to it in the recent times.  The trophy was presented and remains in the Pub until next year.


Soon after the Kookie Comp and after a few more dances, it was time to welcome in the New Year.  There were no fireworks this year and I am sure that a certain dog owner would be happy about that.  After the band packed up at about 1 am we left and continued with drinks with a few friends until close to 3 am.   Every seemed to have a good New Year.


I do not know what took place in the Caravan Park but if previous history was repeated there would have been many of the children going around the park making noise. Fortunately, the rubbish bins no longer have tin lids which the kids used to use as two symbols bashing them together until their parents had finally had enough and put them to bed.  Happy New Year to all the readers of this web site.





Bemm River Fire Station 


The Bemm River Fire Brigade held their Easter fish and chip night again this year.  The event was very successful with many of the campers from the Caravan Park attending.  The event was held in the new Bemm River Fire Station which was opened on the 15 of November in a garla function.  You will notice the new building as you drive into town.  It is certainly a big improvement on the old station.




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