The area around the Fire Brigade being cleared.

The cleared area for the new helipad.

The completed ramp and Jetties.

The Bemm River Helipad

1 November 2017  

Bemm River has a new area set aside for a Helipad. The area is next to the CFA. The CFA had been campaigning for this for a long time and they are to be congratulated for their efforts. The first two photos above show the area for the helipad.    



The Council organized to dredge around the Jetty and deposit the material in the Inlet.

The old landing ramp was removed and a new reinforced concrete one with substantial concrete foundations was poured.

The completed ramp and Jetties without the approach repaired.


New Jetty and Landing Ramp

1 November 2017  


After many discussions over the design of the new main jetty, it was decided to back track and build two jetties with a double ramp between them. The main advantage of this design was that boats could be moored on the outer sides of the two jetties. The East Gippsland Council first organized to dredge around the jetties but unfortunately there were some problems with the dredge and the job was not completed.


Shortly after this the jetty was closed while the contractors removed the old swing section of the jetty and dug out for the new ramp. Unfortunately, Parks did not allow the contractor to open the Inlet even though it was 10 cm from the point of release. This meant that the contractor could not appreciate the normal low water level of the Inlet. In the fifth photo above you can see the difficulty in working 1.5 metres below the high water level. It was obvious that the new ramp would not be low enough to permit boat trailers to back into the water to launch and retrieve boats. The jetties are now complete and are working well. Recently, there has been a concrete extension made to the ramp and it seems to be working well as shown in the third photo above.


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