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Weather Forecasts


To see the WeatherZone report directly below you may have to enable Active-X Controls in Internet Explorer.

10 Day Forecast - Winds etc

For full details on the weather at Bemm River with radar of any rain clouds, a 10 day forcast including winds, tide information etc, go to WeatherZone for Bemm River

Bairnsdale Radar for Rain

Click on the link for the latest radar showing any approaching rain.

Marine Forecasts

The East Gippsland Marine Forecast from the Department of Meteorology gives wind strenghts for the next 4 days and has wind warnings for the region of Lakes Entrance to Gabo Island (NSW-Vic Border). Close the page to return to this site.


Tidal Information -
The tides for Bemm River beaches are 3 hours and 21 minutes before Port Phillip heads. The link below gives the closest approximation using Eden in NSW. You will need to add 10 minutes to these tide times. The link gives a 7 day tide starting from the date you select as the commencing date. If you do not select a date it will start from today Click on submit and the tidal information will appear. Close the page to return to this site.

Link to tides - Eden - Department of Meteorology




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